Daniel Demers (Arienta)

Photography has been my passion ever since I bought my first Nikkormat FT3 in 1977. From that time on I have always been amazed by the infinite possibilities of what can be done with a camera.

I put photography aside for a while when my first child was born in 1993. At that time, I upgraded to a Nikon F70 and returned back to my passion for photography.

It was only when I bought my first digital SLR that I became fully captivated by photography and since that moment I've had a difficult time pulling myself away from it all. There is so much to do in photography, the digital dark room, the Internet forums...

I am still dreaming to become a professionnal photographer, something I should have done in the seventies.

So, I can conclude by saying that photography is more than a hobby but I still have to work for a large computer manufacturer for a living.

I am starting to build my own studio and getting more involved in photography in the next three years. In the interim, I will try to learn as much as I can on techniques, styles and my own ways to approach this new career venture.

If you ever see me behind my camera, ready to capture a new image, smile! I may have a chance to show a side of you, you never seen before!

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Daniel Demers (Portfolio)